So, you have just got into sewing or are experienced and want to try something new for around the house, and you have settled on wanting to create your own pillowcase. Now you wonder, how do I make my own pillowcase? If you were asking this question, then you are in the right place as we are here to provide a simplistic yet useful walkthrough.

1: Pick your Fabric

Before any sewing takes place, you will first want to pick the fabric you want to use for your pillowcase, usually ones that are comfortable and soft against the skin. We recommend anything from cotton to jersey knit fabric to satin.

2: Cut your fabrics to size

Once you have picked your fabric, you will now want to cut it to size. You can look up the standard measurements for the pillow you want to use in your pillowcase and then use fabric scissors to cut it to size. Make sure to be careful when doing this, especially on certain fabrics.

3: Fold your fabric

After cutting to size, you will now want to fold your fabric, fold it, so the “finished” sides are touching each other within the inside while the “unfinished” or “wrong” sides are facing out towards you.

4: Stitch the long sides as well as one short side

Now, this is where the actual sewing begins. Once you have folded your fabric, you will want to use a sewing machine or a needle to make a straight stitch up the long side of the fabric.

After this, you will then want to stitch ONE of the short sides after you have done this you will want to turn the fabric right side/ finished side out.

5: Ironing and Hemming

After stitching, you will now want to fold the back so you can create a hem. Once you have done this, then iron it. After that, fold it back again and create another, larger hem. Iron that hem and then stitch it, so the hem is kept in place.

6: Do what you want with it.

By this point, you have done all the hard work, and you have a functioning pillowcase that you can be proud of and use wherever and whenever you want. You can do anything with it now, such as decorating it by stitching more fabrics (such as flowers shapes, love hearts etc.) onto the pillowcase or maybe printing a picture such as your dog or something else on to it, the possibilities are endless.


You have now created, decorated, and used your own pillowcase. It is a feat which you should be proud of, and even though it is a rather easy endeavor to do when it comes to sewing, it is enough to show you that sewing can be fun and can lead you on to do many more things with sewing such as creating your own clothes, bags, quilts, etc.