Many people wonder how to make fabric bowls. Well, For you to make fabric bowls, you will need the following materials. A rope of about 6 feet long and 5/8 thick, several pieces of cotton fabric, scissors, glue gun, tapestry needle, cotton thread, paper towels small beads nails, polymer clay, pasta machine toaster oven, clay cutting blade.

Cut several strips of the cotton fabric about an inch wide, take the rope and apply hot glue on one end. Have one end of the material attached to the glue end of the rope and wrap it around, then leave it to dry. Continue wrapping with other strips of cloth until all the rope is covered. After every end of the fabric, put some hot glue to affirm it. Ensure no parts of the rope are exposed then let it dry.

The next step involves shaping the rope to resemble a bowl. Use a tapestry needle and thread it with the mercerized thread. Pierce from the end of the rope, sewing through the next rope. The sewing style should have a ’ letter shape and make it tight as it is the foundation of the rest of the coils. Have a whip-stitch sewing style and sew the rope to connect it to the ’V’ shape you made earlier.

Coiling the rope in a circle as you sew will form the base of the bowl.

When you are satisfied with the size of the base, shift to making the side of the bowl. To do this, turn the rope upwards at an angle as you sew. When you use all the sewing thread in the needle, put another one but first make a knot at the end of the tread to avoid it from loosening. Put another long sewing thread, and as you start sewing again, make sure you start sewing some millimeters before the knot you made to ensure a tight continuity.

When you are about to finish, ensure, you got much thread remaining. It will help as you approach the end of the rope to make repeated layers of the thread. This is important as it makes the ending more tight and free from raveling. Always put a knot at the end to make it more secure.

It is essential to make your bowl look colorful and attractive. In this case, we will use polymer clay bead. Use the clay blade to cut square-shaped pieces of the colored blocks of polymer clay. Be creative and make a pattern with the pieces, then squeeze them in your hand. Make a loose coil of the clay and run it in the pasta machine. Have the ends of the clay sheet trimmed and roll it into a cane. Take the cane and cut off thin slices.

Make a ball of clay from the clay scraps, used for the middle of the bead. Put the thin slices you cut from the cane on the outer side of the ball and roll it to make it smooth. Pierce the nail through the center of the bead. Have your toaster with a paper towel and place your bead on it, then bake it at about 275 degrees for twenty minutes and leave it to cool. Use the needle and thread from the outer bottom side of the bowl into the center and thread the toasted bead, then thread a small bead. Sew backward through the clay bead to the outer side and make a knot to affirm it.

By following the above process, you will have a self-made fabric bowl and will make your home nicer.