A quillow (quilted pillow) is a miniature quilt that has a back sewn on it, which makes it possible to hold the form of a pillow on the inside. The good thing about this amazing product is the fact that it can be made in the same way as any regular quilt, with a great difference in the patterns that are in the case of the pillow, which is created by hand or machine in most cases. To remove the case of a quilted pillow, the only required thing to do is using the envelope or zipper backing that is located at the borders of the product, a very easy and also fast removal.

It is very common to see a lot of these pillows on Christmas days because they give a more “stylish look” when they are combined with some other decorations. If you are a person that doesn’t like the traditional look of pillows, then you should get this product because the customization possibilities are practically unlimited, and most importantly, you can make it in your house! In this way, you can get a high-quality pillow for a lower price, and also, you can enjoy a very comfortable time when creating it.

How to Make a Quilted Pillow:

Making a quilted pillow is a very easy procedure in these actual days thanks to the help of machines; however, in this step-by-step guide, you can do everything using your hands! So this time, no one will have any excuse. To make your pillow, you will need some materials like these.

An unwashed 100% cotton quilting type of fabric, fortunately, there are lots of possibilities in the market for you! The only thing required is to select the most beautiful color combination and product quality. Make sure that it is unwashed cotton because the fabric will shrink a little bit after you wash it, and in that way, you can obtain the particular texture and look that quilted pillows have in their structure. Some threads.Quilt batting. Finally, pillow inserts, or you can just use the old pillows that are in your house.


First, cut the unwashed 100% cotton 2″ wider in all the pillow insert with a lot of precision to avoid any miscalculation that can end in annoying problems like not having enough space. After doing the quilting, you will have to sew the right sides together with 1/2″ seams around 3 or 2 sides of the pillow (this will depend on your skills), making sure that you leave at least one opening for the insert. Finally, make sure that you wash and dry properly on hot water before putting any insert on it, then after inserting the old pillows (if you used this option), you will have a very beautiful and comfortable quilted pillow to enjoy in every evening watching TV or just reading a book, who knows? The decision is yours!

The good thing about having a quilted pillow is the fact that your couch and saloon will look more stylish and attractive to everyone that visits your house! And also, it is the perfect decoration at Christmas and also a very reliable gift option for friends or family members! And more importantly, the cost of the making procedure of this product is very low! It is a very affordable decoration for almost everyone in the world.

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