The cutting instructions for each design indicate the width and amount of blame for the cut strip guilt in general. If you have created a model or changed the size of the model to fit a larger bed, you need to adjust these measurements. Unless the pattern provides otherwise, cut out tie straps on the right fabric. Connect the connecting strips with diagonal seams to create long connecting strips. (In other words, place the binding strips perpendicularly and stitch diagonally from corner to the corner where they overlap). When sewing is finished, turn down the volume by pressing the seams. Trim the excess to 1/4 inch.

How to make a strip quilt

As mentioned earlier, you first need long strips of material. You can easily create yours by cutting the fabric with a rotary knife and using a ruler as a guide. Check that the height or width of each element is exactly the same. The length of the strap can be uniform, but you can also buy them in different sizes. You decide. The more fabric designs, the better. If you want, you can start with the fabric to quilt the straps until you get used to the technique.

The next step after cutting the strips is to connect them and arrange the long strips from end to end until the desired width of the quilt is obtained. Now you will sew the straps together to create a longer strap. Long strips will be needed for this method of filling the strips. Cut out everything you think is necessary to get the desired length.

The next step in the method of fastening the belt will be sewing long strips. Remember that you do not sew them from end to end, but you sew from one side to the other. Continue sewing them together until you reach the desired length. Cut off all sides that may be on the edge.

The strip quilting technique is fairly simple to create and provides a beautiful quilting design. With a ruler and rotary knife, you can be sure of straight and uniform strips. Only two steps are necessary for this strip filling technique. First, you need to sew the strips from end to end, and then sew the largest strips you have created side by side. This continues until the desired length and width are reached. With this design, you can choose to use many designed fabrics or just one. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced. Without a doubt, a striped quilt is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to make a quilt!

After returning to the starting point, place the rough edge of the strip at the folded end and finish sewing at the starting point. Cut the fleece and lining, even with the top edges of the quilt.

Rotate the binding backward. Sew the binding by hand only on the liner, covering all seams on the machine. To make the binding edges at the back of the strip quilt fit the square corners at the front of the quilt, sew a hand in one corner and fold the binding. Secure the overlap with several stitches and continue sewing the binding along the next edge.

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