What are the perfect teas to serve at a tea party? Well, you can serve any type of tea from around the world. Of course, the most popular choices are Chinese black tea, oolong tea, and green tea. For a true American tea party, you could serve an English breakfast tea, especially if you’re having guests over. One of my favorites is sugar cookies.

But why stop at tea? Why not serve cookies and brownies for your tea party as well? It’s a delicious way to keep your guests’ appetites revved up without serving them the actual beverage. They’ll also help you save on some calories!

Here are some delicious options for your tea party menu. One option is to offer miniaturized versions of these foods that can be taken home. You could make mini versions of cookies and cupcakes, or melt chocolate chips in a microwave and then scoop out mini cookies. Another idea is to have miniaturized versions of fruit desserts, such as fruit cake and pudding. And if you have some fresh strawberries sitting around, you could offer strawberry shortcake mini cupcakes as well.

Many people enjoy iced tea, so you might want to consider serving iced tea in addition to your regular tea parties. You could have an ice tea mix made with iced tea leaves, or you could have tea infusers that add the iced tea to the mix. Another option would be to make your own homemade ice tea mix. All you need is about two cups of low-fat milk, a small piece of ice, and three or four tea leaves. You can strain the mixture into small glasses and serve it with crackers to go along with your main meal.

A traditional tea party menu would include lots of delicious desserts. One option would be to have sugar cookies. Another option is to offer sugarless chocolate chip cookies. Some guests might appreciate a lemon meringue pie, and you can also have a variety of different desserts that are low in sugar, such as no-sugar chocolate cake, which is very refreshing during the hot summer months. Another dessert that you could consider would be lemon cakes, which are also very low in sugar.

Your tea party menu can also include finger sandwiches. Finger sandwiches are very easy to prepare, and they’re a nice change of pace from the traditional dinner. Instead of having a full meal, your guests can enjoy a few finger sandwiches to help fill them up between courses. Finger sandwiches can include beef, turkey, chicken, ham, or cheese. You can even have a variety of different fillings, such as spinach Artichoke spinach sausage, ham breast, and chicken liver. For an extra boost of flavor, you can have a lemon wedge on top for an authentic touch to your finger sandwiches.

Another delicious option on your tea party menu would be a fruit and yogurt parlor. You can offer an assortment of different pastries, including lemon bars and pita sandwich bars, along with creamy parmesan and other delicious goodies. For dessert, you can have fruit and cheese fudge. This dessert would be a good option for an afternoon tea, and it’s something that almost everyone will love. It’s a good idea to have several different flavors available for guests to choose from so that there is something for everyone. An apple pie fudge and a strawberry shortcake fudge are very popular choices for this type of dessert.

For beverages, you can have tea and coffee, tea and juice, or tea and iced tea. If you serve iced tea, you should provide ice cubes in order to keep your guests cool. You may want to consider putting some milk in the tea bags in order to make them taste better. If you serve iced coffee, then you should use either skim milk or coconut milk. Coconut milk will help cut down on the cream in coffee and it will also keep the coffee from melting into a puddle on the iced coffee maker.

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