Any time is a good time to throw a tea party; nowadays it seems to be a staple event for many couples who want to reconnect over a great cup of tea. It s also a comfortable and warm way to bring all your gal friends and family members together for a lovely afternoon of scrumptious tea, delicious pastries, and an excuse to wear some of your sweetest and most feminine of attires. So when is the best time to host one? Here are some ideas:

Spring and summer are the most wonderful seasons of the year to celebrate such an event. The bright colors, breezy weather, and gentle breezes make it an ideal time for a tea party. To kick things off, simple floral centerpieces would be a nice choice, perhaps in the shape of leaves or ballerinas (or even just simple old vases or bowls). Or, you could choose to use a simple place setting design. Place an elaborate vase or elaborate pot on the center of the table, then fill it with floral arrangements in the same color as the vase or pot. It would be an interesting way to introduce your guests to the colors and scents of your wedding and would be a nice conversation starter for those who aren’t sure what to expect at the wedding.

Fall weddings are also a great way to kick off tea party decorations in the fall. A beautiful harvest celebration table centerpiece could be constructed out of autumnal fruits or if you are having a winter wedding, pumpkins. The perfect accompaniment to your harvest centerpiece would be some fresh, toasted bread or spiced apple cider. Your guests will love the chance to indulge in something different than just turkey, roast, and potatoes.
Another idea for tea party decorations in the fall is to make your centerpieces a little more seasonal. There is nothing quite as beautiful as wedding chicks in bloom, but there are so many amazing spring and summer flowers that show us that there is life outside of summer and fall. A great centerpiece might be some ferns that have been placed on spindles with flowers dotting the tips. You could also choose to use baby’s breath or tiny pumpkins as table centerpieces for the tables.

Of course, tea time is not complete without a variety of seasonal decorations. One idea for inexpensive wedding decorating is to create a garland of seasonal flowers. Purchase garlands that are at least 2 feet tall and made of twigs, leaves, branches, and colorful fabrics. Use these items to create simple but festive garlands that will bring warm color and beauty to any table. You can make your own garland with fabric, ribbon, and needle, or if you want a nicer look, buy a pre-made garland kit that includes all of the materials you need to construct the garland.
Pom poms are another wonderful addition to your tea party decorations. These simple decorations consist of a stick with a knot on the end that is tied to the pole of each chair’s leg. These pom poms can be made in a variety of colors and can be kept as simple as a stick on a stick and used to accent the centerpieces or as complex as creating a circle or a colorful spiral with pom poms.

If you want something a bit less elaborate to go along with your fall wedding, you can also create teapot or tea cozy decorations. A tea cozy is simply a fancy name for a decorative bowl or wicker basket that is filled with tea. To create these adorable items, all you need are some tea light candles and tea-colored candles that are shaped like leaves or flowers. You can find these cute little containers at most craft stores or you may want to shop online to find the perfect one for your big day.

A centerpiece is always an essential part of any wedding. At your fall wedding, you will want to use your imagination when choosing the perfect centerpiece for your table. A tea party centerpiece can either be simple or extravagant, simple or elaborate. If you want something a bit more traditional, a fall centerpiece idea that you can add to your tea parties is inexpensive glass coasters that are decorated with leaves and branches. Add this centerpiece to your table during your tea parties and you will be sure to capture all of the special memories of this special occasion.

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