by Nova on January 31, 2014

a couple of knit finishes from late last year that were sent across the globe.

First up, some pretties for my mum…

welted mitts 1 mitts

The pattern is ‘Welted Fingerless Gloves’ by Church mouse yarns. Details on yarn & pattern used via Ravelry.

mitts 3 mitts

I stitched on some buttons as suggested in the pattern. I used some vintage shell buttons from the stash with some silk thread to match the yarn.

mitts 5 mitts

Next up some practical man mitts for dad.  I wish I had got a photo of my hand beside them as they looked comically large but they are a perfect fit I’ve been assured.

man mitts 1 mitts

The pattern is from this great book ‘Knits Men Want’ by Bruce Weinstein which I borrowed from a friend. My yarn & pattern notes are over on Rav.



by Nova on January 23, 2014

needlecase 1 keeper

a little needle keeper (much like the ones that came before it) for a friend x

needle book keeper

A lovely snippet of Umbrella Prints Fanflower organic cotton fabric with chocolate linen, a vintage shell button, a couple of pockets, & doctors flannel to keep needles safe.

& on the topic of Umbrella prints, this beauty is half quilted. yippee! Almost there, the recent near 40 degree days have been a bit prohibitive to quilting though!

project notes:




(Belated) Happy New Year

by Nova on January 14, 2014

Goodness! 2 weeks into January already & here I am bringing up the rear with belated new year wishes. Better late than never though eh.

Christmas whizzed by in a blur of work & the usual silly season goings on which was all great but left little space for craft time. Then I got a bit sad thinking 2013 hadn’t really been a year that I got to spend much time in the playroom at all, but a look back through flickr made me feel a bit  better & showed  me that I had achieved some finishes at least (& a whole lot of w.i.p’s!).

I’ve got 2 or 3 finishes from the end of the year that haven’t made it to the blog yet so I’ll be back with those another day, meanwhile & more for my sanity so I know I did actually get a little bit crafty in 2013 here’s a collage of makes, 1/2 makes, finishes & beginnings …

2013 (Belated) Happy New Year

1. for Hadley, 2. tiny pink patchwork, 3. dotty butterfly hot pot holder, 4. kerry’s berry block, 5. scrappy chevron quilt, 6. take care, 7. lotta jansdotter lavender bag, 8. diy pattern weights, 9. wrap it up bag side 2, 10. tessuti gabby dress, 11. Liberty snippets quilt top, 12. Line Break, 13. cyclone hat, 14. rosebud, 15. x stitch scarf, 16. hipster fabric zip pouches, 17. scrappy to & fro across the globe, 18. fly the flag quilt, 19. ouch pouch, 20. first socks, 21. zumthor hat, 22. tiny bunting, 23. plain spoken, 24. Liberty love, 25. more flex frame spec cases, 26. rose, 27. x, 28. blue, 29. Liberty doll pillow, 30. kerry’s friendship block, 31. mini lavender bags for the knitting basket, 32. quick fix :)

Thanks for reading the somewhat intermittent posts last year & all the lovely comments & chats.  Here’s to 2014 & more time in the playroom for us all!



♥ Liberty

by Nova on December 17, 2013

Strippy, Scrappy, Quilt-As-You-Go, Raw Edge, Heart Ornament Tutorial
Phew. That’s a bit of a mouthful for a simple little tute!

I find it hard to part with even the tiniest of scraps, especially ‘special’ scraps like the very last pieces of a favourite fabric or  Liberty.

Liberty love  ♥ Liberty

I made these little hearts a while ago with teeny strips of Liberty scraps & snapped some pics along the way in case you were hoarding  some teeny strips  that you were wondering what on earth to do with too.

As the strips were quite narrow I thought I’d make something that had raw edges so that as much of  the fabric was still on show as possible & there were no seams hiding the precious scraps away.

It’s an all round good tiny scrap user-upperer project that also makes a really pretty little ornament. You don’t have to make hearts, you could make a different shape that takes your fancy. Turn them into a pincushion or fill with lavender, hang them from a door handle or bedpost. Once the strips are all sewn down you could even turn it into a little dolls quilt.  I really love how the strips look all sewn down with their uneven edges & if they were stitched to a lovely piece of linen rather than a scrap of wadding  they would make a nice little piece of scrappy art to frame I reckon.

What you will need:

  • Some  strips of fabric scraps, varying widths & lengths (mine were about 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ wide & 7-10″ long or thereabouts, it doesn’t really matter, just use the strips you have, no need to trim – that’s the idea)
  • A scrap of wadding or pelon or similar – big enough to accommodate all your strips (mine was about 14 or 15 ” x about 11 or 12″, again it doesn’t really matter & depends entirely how big your strips are & what you want to turn your sewn down strips into)
  • paper template (I drew a heart) – remember to allow for your seam allowance of 1/4″
  • Stuffing of choice.

How to:

Gather your scrappy strips & give them a quick press if needs be.

scraps  ♥ Liberty

Don’t worry if they’re not that straight, it all adds to happy scrappy wonky love :)

Place your first strip right side up on the right hand side of your piece of scrap wadding.  Lay your next strip, again with right side up so it overlaps your first strip a bit (approx 1/4″ or thereabouts) .  Remember, we are leaving the raw edges exposed so go ahead & sew that strip down approx an 1/8″ from the raw edge.

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 13  ♥ Liberty

Then add another strip in exactly the  same way, overlapping & then sewing approx 1/8″ from the raw edge

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 2  ♥ Liberty

& keep adding those pretty little strips….raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 31  ♥ Liberty…until you run out of strips or reach the other edge of your wadding

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 4  ♥ Liberty

So pretty!

Next grab your templates & pin in place. You can pin them straight or at an angle. For this little lot I did them straight but on another piece I cut them at an angle (you can see one of those in the first pic)

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 5  ♥ Liberty

Cut out your shapes & then add a ribbon for hanging (if you’re makign a pincushion you can skip the ribbon). Pin the ribbon in place & baste it in position

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 6  ♥ Liberty

Then pin the dangly bit out the way so it doesn’t get caught up in the seams

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 7  ♥ Liberty

Take another heart – you can use one of the scrappy strippy ones you just cut out or you could cut out some hearts from scrap fabric to use as the backing.  Whichever you decide place your 2 hearts right sides together.

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 8  ♥ Liberty

Pin in place & make a couple of marks approx 2″ apart  so you remember to leave a gap for turning it right side out.

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 9  ♥ Liberty

sew around the edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance, back stitching at the start & finish.

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 10  ♥ Liberty

trim the point & dippy heart bit & clip the curves being careful not to cut into the seam.

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 111  ♥ Liberty

Carefully take the pin out that is holding the ribbon out the way. Turn your heart right side out & stuff it. You can add some lavender at this point too if you like.

raw edge quilt as you go tutorial 12  ♥ Liberty

Slip stitch the gap closed & hang your hearts!

Liberty Hearts  ♥ Liberty

If you make some Strippy, Scrappy, Quilt-As-You-Go, Raw Edge, Heart Ornaments/ Pincushions/ lavender bags I’d love to see! Please share them in my Flickr group!

& if your scrap bucket is not overflowing & you’re after some Liberty scraps, then Jo from the Greene Stitch Co is your girl with her awesome Liberty scrap grab bags!

Liberty fabric hearts  ♥ Liberty


Plain Spoken

by Nova on November 16, 2013

umbrella prints Plain Spoken

I finished piecing my Floating Worlds quilt top :)

I ended up with the twin size from the Plain Spoken  pattern (approx 63″ x 91″). A very useful size. (Pattern is in the Modern Quilt Workshop  book)

I love this colour combo so so much.

plain spoken Plain Spoken

As well as fabrics from the Umbrella Prints Floating Worlds collection I mixed in some chocolate linen, natural essex linen, 3 Konas ( 2 greens & a rust, no idea of specific colour names sorry!), a bit of Heath, a spot of thrifted beige seersucker,  snippets of some old Lush paint dots, a hint of some woven flannel in chocolate & green, a spec or two of some Kei honeycomb & a whisper of a quirky japanese print which I forget the name of.

Now to find the perfect backing & decide on quilting…..



floating worlds & design ponderings…

by Nova on November 8, 2013

I love a bit of chain piecing, especially when  scrummy prints & colours are  involved.

chain floating worlds & design ponderings...

The gorgeous gals from Umbrella prints kindly sent me some of their new collection ‘Floating World‘ to play with. The colours are really beautiful  & an interesting mix to inspire a quilt or smaller project.

I’m a girl of simple (if a tad eclectic)  taste & I haven’t met a Plain Spoken quilt (pattern from the Modern Quilt Workshop book) that I didn’t like yet & thought it would lend itself perfectly to the Floating World  prints allowing for a few additions from the stash too of course :) I really love to see what mixes of fabrics other crafters put with a designers range don’t you?

I didn’t want to add too much as I really want that incredible green of the  Bird in Paradise print to glow through but still remain balanced as a whole – the touch of rust colour being the ‘mustard on the plate‘ as my mother always says!

I’ve been popping the blocks  up randomly on the design wall as I iron them & I’m pretty happy so far.

plain spoken umbrella prints floating worlds & design ponderings...

I’m loving it  a little too much though  & it’s still growing! It started out at the Nap size quilt  but it’s  quickly outgrown that!

It’s been ages since I sat & just sewed sewed sewed & it feels  rather wonderful!  It got me thinking too about fabrics & patterns & all sorts of other design & fabricy thoughts. I do love a bit of pattern & fabric  matchmaking -    Have you coveted a quilt pattern (more than one  I am sure!!!), just waiting for that perfect fabric to come along? Or vice versa?  Are you a purist that likes to sew  ‘neat’ with a designers range or do you like to add a little sprinkle of something else from the stash?

Have a great weekend whatever crafty shenanigans you’re getting up to!




Bloggers Quilt Festival!

by Nova on October 29, 2013

Each season I mean to enter The Bloggers Quilt Festival  & then whoosh the week has flown by & I missed out  again-  it’s been 2 years since I have managed to sneak an entry in. Jeepers.

If you’re a regular reader you will know all about my love of scraps, if you’re visiting  for the first time – Hello, my name is Nova & I’m addicted to scraps of fabric.

So, it should come as no surprise that I am entering the Scrappy Quilt Category with my Scrappy Zig Zags quilt

scrappy chevron quilt Bloggers Quilt Festival!

This quilt was inspired by a pin which lead to a neat little tute which resulted in this quilt. It began as an attempt to slash the scrap stash but truly, it hardly made a dent – surprise surprise!

scrappy zig zag quilt Bloggers Quilt Festival!

This one is a real snuggle down memory lane,  it’s full of lovelies & uglies, trash & treasure, oldies & newies, gifted & swapped + some  selvedges – each has a place & a reason to be in it for me. Sometimes that’s all a quilt needs to be. I love it.

scrappy quilting Bloggers Quilt Festival!

I quilted it with a combination of relaxed zig zags on the machine and some hand quilting with Perle thread.

scrappy quilt back Bloggers Quilt Festival!

It’s backed with an ikea print & a strip of scraps to make up the width ( & to use up more scraps!)

quilt notes:

  • triangle size 6″ finished
  • finished quilt approx 64″ x 80″
  • backed with an IKEA  print & a strip of scraps to make up the size

Thanks for dropping by, now off you hop to visit all sorts of quilty treats at  the Bloggers Quilt Festival



tiny bunting

by Nova on October 17, 2013

a homemade birthday card that has a bit more mileage after the event…

tiny bunting tiny bunting

I say mileage,  maybe a couple of yards or thereabouts…

tiny bunting 3 tiny bunting

teeny tiny bunting (thanks for the inspiration mum!) – in a friends fav earthy & orange palette, the little flags  are about 2 1/2 ” from top to tip.

Made just like the big stuff  (plenty of tutorials out there in Google land) only tinier.

I used some vintage bias binding from the oppy to sew them all together then wrapped them around a diy cardboard cutout spool.



zumthor hat

by Nova on October 7, 2013

zumthor2 zumthor hat

I really  love the simple, square design of this  hat.

A quick, fun knit from a clever pattern (Zumthor Hat by Kirsten Johnstone) with a bit of something new to me on the technical knitting side  in the form of making the folded hem.

This one  is reversible too, though I like the stockinette (shown) stitch side best.

zumthor zumthor hat

The yarn is scrumptiously soft & was blissful to work with.

Forecast to be  33 degrees here today so will be putting this away for next winter ;)

Pattern notes, yarn & details over on Ravelry.


the miracle…

by Nova on September 28, 2013

of hand knit socks…

sock 3 the miracle...

finished just in time for summer!

first socks the miracle...

started way back when & then put away for a while so I could recover from  the trauma of attempting to turn heels while remembering to breathe at the same time.

what a journey & huge learning curve this little pair have been! phewy! BUT I bloomin’ well got there in the end & am chuffed to bits. The process of the make  finally clicked thanks to much  assistance,  unknitting  & encouragement from an ever patient friend.

Will I venture into sock knitting again? Sure, I actually really enjoyed the challenge & hand knit socks are a luxury I could get used to. Now I ‘get’ it hopefully the next pair will be a breeze!

Project notes over on Ravelry.Pattern from this book