Hand Exercise Balls (HEBAs) are therapeutic devices that provide a low-impact, high-gain method of physical therapy for patients with all types of injuries, from repetitive strain, to torn ligaments. For: preventing tension, increasing flexibility, and easing joint pain. Excellent stress relief for children and adults. Hand strengthening equipment, for starting out and advanced lifters alike. Perfect hand exercise ball, an indoor distraction for smoking.

Hand ball set for therapeutic use in physical therapy: Made of durable rubber, the Hand Exercise Ball is available in both standard and premium quality sets. The advanced Stress Ball Stretching Set offers a pre-defined hand exercise routine, with exercises that target your major muscle groups. The Hand-In-Joint Stress Ball Set includes four individualized balls – each with its own individual stretching pattern. Standard Stress Ball Sets comes with four balls – a standard, a medium, an advanced and a master.

Hand Exercise Balls are a great stress relief tool for chronic pain sufferers, those with arthritis or other joint problems, as well as those just starting out in a regular fitness program. They help strengthen grip strength, which in turn can reduce the risk of hand injury, as well as improving overall hand health. There are also other uses for the hand exercise ball, such as for balance training. Hand exercisers find the hand exercise ball an excellent way to build muscle strength, stability, endurance, and agility.

For a full body workout, there is no better choice than to include hand exercise balls and stress balls in your exercise routine. You can increase the resistance levels with the push by using the ball under your hands or you can perform the stress relieving exercise even while in bed! Hand exercisers who like to do workouts in bed can also make hand exercise balls a part of their nightly stretching routine. The combination of stretching and strengthening exercises done with the stress balls can promote faster recovery and prevention of injuries.

As a stress relief hand strength trainer, the stress ball has several great benefits. First, it will work your core muscles and your stomach muscles at the same time. Your abdominal muscles become stronger and more defined. Your back becomes stronger and more supportive, and your hand strength trainer workouts may actually improve your hand eye coordination.

The Stress Relief Hand Strength Trainer offers four different color-coded resistance levels to ensure that all clients benefit from a challenging program. The Basic Level is made from the most basic and affordable materials and features rubber “tape” which prevent the balls from slipping out of place. The Intermediate Level includes an abundance of different colors of vinyl balls which are slightly larger than the Basic Level to give the client more variety and options. The Deluxe Level is the most difficult of the four levels and includes the most durable vinyl balls along with a full color chart to track your progress during the program.

The Stress Relief Hand Strength Trainer offers clients plenty of options for managing their stress. You can program the hand exercise ball to target specific areas of the body, you can use it to target specific muscle groups, or you can vary the resistance level from fun to challenging. No matter how you use the hand exercise ball, you will find that it creates a great way to manage your stress and strengthen your core muscles at the same time.

Using stress balls for exercise may seem a new and surprising concept to some. However, there are many people across the country using these stress relieving balls as part of their overall fitness regime. If stress balls are used properly, they can help clients overcome their fears and conquer their daily stresses in a fun and effective way.

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