by Nova on February 2, 2014

First quilt finish of 2014. Hurrah!

Umbrella Prints Quilt First

The main fabrics are from Umbrella Prints, from their Floating Worlds collection with some stash fabrics & solids mixed in. Pattern & fabric notes are back here.

I found a great big piece of linen blend fabric at the opp shop just after I completed the quilt top, talk about serendipitous as it was the perfect match for this quilt & the perfect amount with plenty to spare. Love that.  I wonder who throws out such huge quantities of linen fabric but I’m kind of happy they do!

Umbrella Prints FirstI used iron on cotton batting for the first time & it is ace. LOVE it. No more pins, no more spray! Gotta be happy with that. It was super simple to use. I was a little worried using it on a fairly large quilt but I had no dramas at all with it  & no puckers. *

I quilted it with relaxed lines &  bound it with some Ume print from the Floating World range in Russian caravan colourway. I love the dark & dotty effect for the binding :)

Umbrella Prints Floting Worlds quilt First

I really really love this quilt –  the colours, the prints,  the mix of textures, the size,  the quilting. I love that most of my corners match up (thanks to the nifty little seam guide on my Feathrweight). Just needs a wash now to get the crinkle happening & i may just love it a little bit more then.

Thanks Carly & Amy for inviting me play with your beautiful fabrics. I had a ball!

*eta: I had quite a few comments about the iron on batting so wanted to add a bit more info. I’m not sure of the brand, sorry.  Basically you sandwich your 3 layers together & give it all a good iron with steam & all 3 layers adhere together. Much like spray baste though you can pull the fabric back to reposition it.

Here’s what I did – I have a cutting table that I use as an ironing board also, it’s pretty big but not as big as a quilt (Approx 62″ x 40″). It’s covered with thick batting & calico. I guess the floor would be ok too? I ironed the backing & laid it out across the cutting table. Next I laid out the batting over the backing & smoothed it over with my hands, if it’s been folded it’s a good idea to open it out on a spare bed for a day just to relax the fold marks.  Next came the quilt top (which I’d already ironed). I smoothed it out by hand & when I was happy with the position I gave it a slow press with the iron on steam. Once I’d done the table tops worth I moved the quilt over & pressed the rest with steam until all the top had been pressed.  All 3 layers were stuck but just to be sure I flipped it over & gave the back a quick press.  I did do a Google search & found some folks pin around the edges but I didn’t worry & it was fine.  AS with spray baste you will want to wash your quilt before use to remove the adhesive.

Hope that helps :)



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