bye bye Blythe

by Nova on April 22, 2013

My Blythe is seeking a new home & to be honest I don’t blame the poor girl.  I promised her the world but legs, some clothing & a trip to the hairdressers would have been a start.

Blythe front

She has sat patiently on a shelf in my sewing room awaiting these (clearly empty) promises for approximately 8 long years.

Her patience has run out & she is ready to leave this home in search of pastures new where she will have all her issues properly attended to & get to play dress ups & do all those things that Blythe dolls love to do.

Yes, she is an original Kenner model, no she doesn’t have legs, her hair could do with a bit of tlc,  she has a slight snub nose & her lippy needs a bit of a touch up. Her eyes are in tip top form & she blinks beautifully. What’s not to love?

Blythe eyes

She is in the condition I rescued her in & though I would dearly love to restore her, time has clearly told that this just isn’t going to happen.

I’m guessing collectors of Blythe dolls who are keen to give her a home & show her some love will want to know her history & sadly I only  know her very recent history & that is I discovered her on a  toy shelf, tucked in a brown paper bag (along with 3 vintage bendy rubber Ideal dolls) in a charity shop. I didn’t really know what a Blythe doll was to be honest  but her kooky looks &  big eyes won me over & I decided to bring her home to sit among similar kooky treasures, also collected from charity shops,  on the sewing room shelf .

All her details & more pics are over here on her eBay slot.

To be fair to other Blythe eBay bidders who don’t read my blog I won’t be answering any questions about her  here & will only be answering questions via her ebay listing, hence comments on this post are closed. Thanks for understanding.  Also I won’t be taking offers prior to the auction end.

blythe markings

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