by Nova on March 3, 2013

while procrastinating over fabric choices for the some garment sewing (namely this, this & this) I whipped up a little set of pattern weights in anticipation of aforementioned garment sewing & (yet to be selected) fabric cutting.

diy pattern weights

I wasn’t sure how many I’d need but they are super quick¬† to make so if I need a few more I can have them done lickety split. If I have too many, well they are just cute to look at all piled up anyhoo.

I used this fab little tutorial & template.

fabric pattern weights

& because they need a home to live in when not in use, I turned to my fav little project pouch pattern (the snack bag size is the perfect fit for 12 of these pattern weights with room for more if needs be) with appropriate tailor dummy fabric (cosmo cricket tailor made), all tied up with some¬† ribbon gifted from my mum that I’d been saving for just the right project :)

pattern weights

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