thread catcher

by Nova on December 9, 2012

It’s always nice to surround yourself with pretty things in your sewing space & if they are useful too then that’s gotta be a plus.

Measuring in at a cute 3″ high x 3″ wide (approx), I made this  little thread catcher using the custom size formula from  my nesting fabric bowls pattern with the tiniest of Liberty Scraps (nothing is wasted in this sewing space!)  & my fav Kona coal.

A small but handy addition to any sewing room and also small enough to fold up & pop into your sewing bag for crafternoons with the girls or retreat.

What have you been making this weekend…?


a mix of Liberty scraps from The Organic Stitch Co & kindly gifted from Danielle of ‘itching to get stitchin’

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