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by Nova on October 4, 2012

Lots of wip’s and not enough finishes of late I feel, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I am enjoying time in the play room when I can grab it  though & hoping to get some of these wip’s ticked off over the next few days :) yay!

wip 1.) A new bag – I’m in need of a bag with a zip closure & cross body strap, not too big but big enough to accommodate all the usual bag necessities & I found one that should fit the bill perfectly – The Two Zip Hipster pattern by Erin Erickson of Dog Under my Desk. So far so good, it’s a really well written pattern & I’m just waiting on the hardware to arrive via etsy & this wip will be all wrapped up.

The bird fabric is Echino (no clue from which range or the fabric name,  sorry) & the grey solid is Essex Linen in Steel Colourway

wip 2.) A zippy pouch. This baby has been on the to do list for waaaaay too long.  I carry a zip pouch in my bag to accommodate all those little things – lip salve, tissues, tape measure, pen, mints etc so they are easy to find and not all rattling around in the bottom of my bag. My current one is  long overdue a replacement so I turned to Oh Frannson’s Perfect Zip Bags pattern for a replacement make.  Another winning pattern.  Between this & the 2 zip hipster you need not fear zips I tell you! These girls hold your hand and walk you through the zip process so well.

Fabric is another Echino print – again no clue on the name or range, sorry. I’m making the large style B from the pattern with an added 1″ H & a zipper pull loop – with a bit of luck & a tailwind I will have this one ticked off the list by the end of the day. Yay! I think I may  make a small one too & I wouldn’t mind making a style C sometime soonish.  You can’t have too many handy little bags can you?!

wip 3.) A quilt! This one has been an on & off project for months now & came about in an effort to reduce my scrap stash.  Since starting it though,  the scrap bins have been filling up again of course!

I have passed the halfway mark with the hand quilting  now so I really should just knuckle down & get this one on the finished list too.  Fabrics are a big mix of scraps randomly pieced in a zig zag design with relaxed machine quilted lines & I’m using up some Perle cottons from the stash for hand quilting. Hoping to share the finished quilt soon!

wip 4.) Socks! Truly, I am the worlds slowest knitter. I am loving knitting socks & can see how they could become an addictive knit. I have been a bit baffled by the whole heel turning process I must admit but hoping to turn that corner (or heel) very soon!

The pattern is from this book & yarny details etc all over at  Ravelry.

So, that is my wip list of  shame at present. I am almost certain there are more tucked away deep under cover in the play room but they can be our little secret for now ;)

Meanwhile it’s business as usual over in the wish list of ‘to make’! It’s ever growing & looooong  so I won’t bore you too much – here’s my current top 3 that I’d like to add to the wip list soonish…

  • This dress – pattern is at the ready, just need to organise fabric.
  • Another dress! – a certain crafty fairy godmother (you know who you are! – thank you x) surprised with the pattern after seeing this pin.
  • Next knitty project – awaiting  yarn order to arrive & then this shawl will be on the sticks.
  • & many many more but we’ll save those for a rainy day eh?!

How’s your wip list & your wish list of ‘to-make’ looking….?




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