sit & play among the clouds …

by Nova on July 18, 2012

or snuggle & snooze among them too.

This little play mat come snuggle quilt  was such a joy to make  &  as much as I tell myself one day I will attempt free motion quilting the truth is I just can’t resist as much hand stitching as possible on quilts & adore the softness they bring.

A  square(ish) piece of yarn dyed Essex linen in the denim colourway (i really like  the textured look of the yarn dyes, you can see it better in this wip pic) with organic cotton clouds floating through.  I love these prints & colours from Umbrella Prints & I love the name of the range too ‘elephants love water’ (and they really really do!.)

I appliqued the clouds in place by hand but the thought of needle turning all those cloudy puffy corners was a bit much even for this hand stitching addict, so I used a method similar to the dryer sheet method except I used some thin cotton instead of dryer sheets.

The  flaps around the edge of the play mat (or maybe they are elephant ears…? or bits of cloud…? ) have hidden within them  little bells that tinkle gently & there’s a little patchwork  pillow with ribbon tags to twizzle &  to rest a weary head on after all that playing .  The flaps  will also serve as handles to drag the mat around and there is a message stitched on the back of each one for the recipient but I won’t show those  as these clouds haven’t floated off to their new home just yet….


Finished size  – approx 40″ x 42 ”

Cloud fabrics  – Elephants Love Water by Umbrella prints

Base cloth – yarn dyed essex linen (linen/cotton blend) by Robert Kaufman in denim



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