Liberty Scrap Challenge – May Edition

by Nova on May 27, 2012

Wow, we have been super spoilt this month with Liberty love!  Our first guest challenger, Florence, shared the sweetest tutorial for pin flower cupcake toppers & quickly followed it up with a clever bookmark!  Hot on her heels was our smashing giveaway guest challenger Karen who made the prettiest clutch based on her grandmothers vintage clutch design.  Thank you both so much for playing along with our challenge & sharing such wonderful projects xxx

Thanks also to Jo for the inspiring snippets of Liberty love she shares each month  in the form of her Liberty scrap packs, charm packs & more!  x

Which brings me to the promised giveaway for our next giveaway guest challenger… the random mini mixing bowl number generator has spoken….

number 10!  Maryanne, that’s you! Excitement! I’m sending you an email x

Ok, on with my little project for May’s edition of the Liberty Scrap Challenge…

I bring you The Liberty Brooch of Positivity!

or contrariwise, I bring you the Liberty Kiss Brooch!

either either, mix & match, see how you feel on the day –  pin em to your cardi, your bag or scarf  – whichever  & wherever  you wear these little cuties that thrill of knowing you have a little Liberty upon your person to brighten  the day will bring smiles all round :) :) :)

Liberty Fabric Brooch Tutorial

What you will need:

  • Some Liberty fabric  scraps ( I say ‘some’ as even though each brooch only needs one print, I think you might get addicted and may want to spread the positivity around  to some friends :) I got a bit carried away too!)
  • Some scraps of solid fabric ( linen or cotton or denim or whatever takes your fancy)
  • Some scraps of felt (I just used some craft felt because that is what I had but wool felt would be delicious as would a piece of felted woolen blanket or a felted jumper)
  • Some coordinating thread ( I used Perle 8 on this example but on some of them I also used a few stands of embroidery floss)
  • A little poly fibre fill or something similar to give your brooch a bit of body. You don’t have to add this but I kind of like the subtle oomph it gives to the structure.
  • A brooch back (or 2 or 3 or 4…)
  • Needle & thimble.
  • Pencil & paper (to draw your ‘+’ templates)  I made mine approx 2 1/2″ wide & the smaller one is about 1/4″ smaller all round. Mine were slightly wonky, surprise surprise (!) , I didn’t use a ruler but you might like to :)

How to:

Using your templates as a guide:

  • Cut out 2 of the larger +’s  from the felt.
  • Cut 1 larger +  from the solid fabric.
  • Cut 1 smaller + from your scrap of Liberty fabric.

Place your smaller Liberty fabric + on top of your larger solid fabric + & stitch in place, i just did 3 rows in each direction of a rustic running stitch  but you might prefer some other stitch, like cross stitch or back stitch,  you might like to stitch around the edge, stitch it on your machine… this is one versatile little project, so experiment & make it your own :)

Once you’re happy that your Liberty + is attached in just the way  you want onto your solid fabric, lay it on top of the 2 felt +’s.

Grab your needle & thread again (you might like to change the colour here? or maybe not. Whatever works for you & the fabrics you pick :)  Hide the knot between the 2 felt layers.

& then stitch through all the layers. I decided to go for the messy/rustic look so just sewed round and round, like a whip stitch I suppose but very random! lol!  You might prefer  a neater  look & so you could use a blanket stitch or a running stitch might be sweet too –  or use the walking foot on you machine if hand stitching is not your thing.

However you decide to stitch the edge, stop a little way before the end so you can stuff a small amount of poly fibre fill in. Or cotton wool or whatever you have to  hand. Just a little, we’re not aiming for a big ol’ puffy pillow-like  plus sign (well perhaps you are & that’s ok :)) , just a little will add a bit of body, particularly if your felt is on the thin side.

Poke the stuffing evenly  into all the corners then carry on stitching. Make a knot & bury this between the layers of felt, bringing your needle through to the back of your brooch somewhere near the middle -ish.  Hopefully you’ll have enough thread to sew your brooch back in position, if not, no drama,  just use a new bit, burying the knot between the felt layers to hide it.

Your Liberty Brooch of Positivity is complete!  Hurrah! Your Liberty Kiss Brooch is also complete! Double hurrah!

Now you have the gist (easy peasy huh) you can play around with those +’s & x’s  and mix em up!  Swap the solid + for Liberty & the little + for a solid, stitch the Liberty + directly to the felt, mix up the thread colours, change the shape if you like too!

Brooches are a such cute little accessory & so great for using up those scraps! If these + & x’s don’t float your boat there are heaps of other fabric brooch ideas out there to inspire! Here’s some more that tickled my fancy… here, here & here.

As ever, if you make a Liberty + or x brooch we’d love a  peek! You can share your scrappy projects in our flickr group if you like :)

Find all the tutorials so far  in the Liberty Scrap Challenge 2012  on this page  –  I can’t believe we are almost at the halfway mark!

We have another guest challenger next month (eep! bit excited!) & we can’t wait to see what  Maryanne  makes with her giveaway pack of scraps too :) yay!

If you need to top up with small pieces of Liberty (charm packs, fat 1/8’s & 1/4’s)  or scraps then Jo is the girl to help you out! Hop over to the Organic Stitch Co for a rummage through her wares!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

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Lorraine May 27, 2012 at 9:42 am

So, so cute x


Flying Blind May 27, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Oh these are brilliant! I think you might have resolved my sewing panic for this week xxx


Leila May 27, 2012 at 5:24 pm

How cute Nova, love all the hand stitching on these!


Jules May 27, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Love!! Too delicious for words!!


Camilla May 27, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Wow! So cute, might have to try this. Lovely as always!


Shannon May 28, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Now that’s a homemade brooch I’d actually wear!!


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