by Nova on April 17, 2012

* first up – apologies if you have dropped me a line over the past few days & you haven’t heard back. My computer has had a major whoopsi & is off for surgery later today – I have lost all email (and all everything actually, photos, software etc etc…. you get the picture…joy!) Fingers crossed she will be ok and I will be back on track by the end of the week with emails etc , until then if you have sent a note or a question I apologise for my delayed response but I can’t access them at the mo, thanks for your patience x (any notes sent on or before the weekend are lost so you might need to resend, so sorry)

Anyhoo – on to much funner things than misbehaving computers…

When those 2 clever girls from Sew-Ichigo (aka Kerry & Penny) invited me to pattern test one of their very first designs for them I was thrilled. and a little nervous. I am a total newbie to the world of paper piecing, only recently dipping my toes into the water. But I knew I’d be in safe hands.

I love kitchenalia & the first set of patterns from sew-ichigo is all about the vintage kitchen :) there’s a tea kettle, a coffee pot & a kitchenaid mixer plus a fun label. The girls have also given you ideas for putting your completed blocks to use with tutorials for a cute tote & a kitchenaid cover.

I got to play with their coffee pot pattern using the foundation piecing method.

I made my block into a hot pot holder (I’m gradually replacing my old cruddy& holey ones with fun bright ones!) & after the neatness of the foundation piecing  my wonki-wooness slipped back in! lol!

As one who generally  favours improv sewing & randomly cutting and stitching  I can honestly say, yes it was a little daunting to be entering this world of precision sewing.  A tad challenging  to get my  head around this way of sewing  but with these 2 holding my hand all the way with clear directions, lots of tips (listen to them, they know what they are talking about!)  links to tutorials & cheering from the sidelines I did it. First time. No swearing or seam ripping. If I can do it  you can too :) it’s good to push the boundaries and step outside the box once in a while, you never know you might quite like it there :) I did!

Hop over & check out sew-ichigos first pattern set !

Í’m excited to see what these girls come up with next :)


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