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by Nova on April 12, 2012

It’s been a few weeks now since mum & dad came to visit – a flying visit but a fab one none the less & we made the most of every moment :)

As if getting to hang out together for a few days wasn’t exciting enough, they had also carried a special little gift all the way (via a trip around the Daintree) from Sussex…

Spotted in a shop window in Whitstable (one of my favourite seaside towns!)  was this sweet little Singer Featherweight 221K  & she is a treasure!  My Janome is feeling quite neglected as almost all the sewing I have done since she arrived has been  on the Singer… (lots to share –  more sewing than time to blog about it at the mo!) a quilt back, the beginnings of a quilt top, Tova, some paper piecing, wiksten tank & more!  She sews like a dream & I am smitten.  If you’ve never sewn on one of these little gems & get the chance to, do try!

She’s tiny , approx 15″ in length, folding up to just 10″! cute!

she rolled off the production line in January 1957 &  is fully electric (though I don’t have her cable plugged in in these pics) with a straight stitch.  She arrived in full working order, in her case, complete with bobbin holder & many feet!

these 3 as yet to be identified, if you know what they are I’d love to hear!

Lots of info on Singer Featherweights all over the web (including a site by another Nova  fwded to me by Krista!) Google ‘Singer Featherweight’ if you’re keen to learn more about these fab little machines & if you spot one in a shop window in Whitstable or elsewhere I’d recommend you snap it up, you won’t be sorry!

While dad & Andy were busy fixing the mower, mum & I had a wonderful day together in the sewing room & we gave the Featherweight a good spin after her long journey! As we both love house blocks we decided to venture into new territory &  try our hand at paper piecing using Kerry’s mini house block tutorial (we used the freezer paper method).  More talking & giggling than sewing occurred,  hence we both ended up with chimneys that could use a structural engineer  &  I built my house back to front but I love them!

I made a bright & cheery potholder with my block & mum made hers into a scrappy flex frame pouch for her camera – she added an extra storey to her house too!

happy days :)


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