My Geometric Quilt

by Nova on February 26, 2012

A while in the make (about 9 years if you count how long a couple of the fabrics have been in the stash!), my Geometric Quilt finally made it to the top of the pile & I got her all stitched up this week. I am in love.

I have long  had a bit of a quilter girl crush (not in a creepy / stalky way Kate!) on Kate’s  style of quilting & the seemingly effortless way she has of putting fabrics together that just works.

Making this pattern is like having Kate make a quilt for you. True. Her recipe for  fabrics & placement is just right & the simple way it all comes together in an orderly but random style is spot on.

A back pieced from leftovers, some essex linen, a  blue solid  from the opp shop & some relaxed quilted lines kept it simple.

finished size approx 65″ x 65″.  I just kept making blocks until one of the fabrics ran out!

There’s a real mish-mash of fabrics in this one! As I was  piecing fabrics for my geometric quilt, I got to thinking about fabric choices & the hows & whys.

I really like to  mix up different textures, fabric type & vintage.  If I like a fabric I just like it regardless of trends, fibre content or age.  This quilt & the fabrics in it is a case in point.

While some of the fabrics were purchased new, four of them are from the Opp shop(thrift store/charity shop) two of which have been in the stash for probably about 9 years (me a hoarder?! ;)). I just loved them and knew I would find the right recipe for them one day. There’s something about hunting for fabric treasure at the opp shop –  a game of chance, you never know what is going to turn up and what you find can spark all sorts of ideas and send you on wonderful stitchy adventures.

1, 2, 8 & 9 all from the Opp shop. 1 is a silky slinky dress fabric, 2 a fine corduroy (that I made this dress out of too!), 8 a super soft cotton/linen ticking blend & 9 a thin natural linen with floral print.
3 – a cute little rosebud print on linen/cotton blend  from Unique Shiny.
4 – my winning yardage from the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge last year. That blue and the simple heart screen print design  is just something I know I will love forever.
5,6 & 7 – mid weight linens from the Fabric Store. Colours are blue bonnet, natural & meadow. I just can’t go past linen, it’s texture & crumpled-ness is so yum.
10 – Liberty tana lawn of course. It had to be. I had huge & fabulous help from Jo, she was beyond awesome. I gave her my colours & she came up trumps with Isis. Perfection.

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