a finish! hurrah!

by Nova on January 17, 2012

[a touch of the bends]

First finish of my resolution! woot!

Upcypled shirts (thanks Kate x) , improv pieced &  of course, hugely inspired by the quilts of Gee’s Bend & too many others to list here – see my pin board.

Solid strips of linen (my old gardening overalls) & other scraps.

Backed with a stripey cotton sheet from the opp shop, wonderfully worn & soft.

Intentional (but hopefully not too contrived!) wobbly edges.

Quilted on the  machine with relaxed lines &  some (rustic) hand quilting thrown in on the solid strips using Perle cotton.

Finished size approx 65 ” x 75 “.

I’ve called  this one   ‘a touch of the bends’

oops! I found a hole in the linen when I was quilting, so darned it (of a fashion!) with some red thread – see above image, centre/topish.

happy as a clam with this one :)


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