another quillow :)

by Nova on July 28, 2011

while it can be somewhat daunting sewing with someone else’s fabrics, it’s also enormous fun!  Playing with fabrics that someone else has selected (with a free reign to ‘go for it’) is so fun &  did I  mention how much fun I had making this?!


Laurie & I organised a little swap. In exchange for the making of a quillow in her fabric picks, I was spoilt rotten with a fabulous array of  fabrics, notebooks  and a jar of the yummiest marmalade in the world. eek!  Fun fun fun! I love a good ol’  fashioned barter ;)

Flicking through Laurie’s Flickr faves revealed she has a bit of a thing for square in square quilt blocks. Yay! Me too!

Here’s the quillow all opened out…


& the flipside with soft & snuggly cotton chenille…

I couldn’t resist adding an extra little  surprise  & one of the front blocks is actually a little pocket too…

I followed my own tutorial for making a quillow

…& I also put together a little video on how to fold a quillow too :)

pause at any time if you need to  ;)

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