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by Nova on March 20, 2011

First I just need to share more of the wonderful works nearing completion, or already there, in the Single Girl Quilt Along.  Such a visual treat to see so many different single girls all in one spot and quite honestly it would be hard to pick a favourite. What an amazing group, truly.

1. Single Girl Quilt Along, 2. 11 of 16, 3. Lay out, 4. Single Girl, 5. My Single Girl Quilt!, 6. Single Girl Quilt, 7. Single girl quilt_front, 8. Single Girl Curves – officially done!, 9. Bluebird day Single Girl, 10. Single girl quilt: top finished, 11. single girl quilt top – done!, 12. Garden Party Single Girl, 13. Baby quilt, 14. Single Girl quilt top almost done., 15. matching up, 16. Single Girl (or boy!) quilt top 3, 17. Almost there!, 18. I heart my single girl!, 19. Single Girl Together!, 20. Single Girl, 21. Single Girl Quiltalong, 22. Single Girl Quilt Top (king size), 23. Single Girl Blocks, 24. Finished Single Girl cushion, 25. Single girl: 3 first rings finished!, 26. single girl #1, 27. single girl #2, 28. Single Girl Layout, 29. Single Girl pillow, 30. DSC_0172

While the Quilt long will officially  ‘wrap up’  next week, the group will remain open so those needing to play catch ups can continue to see the threads, post pics, be inspired  and offer each other support :)

In other news::

I’ve signed up for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap which is in it’s second round and cleverly put together by Kate.  Still a little unsure of what a doll quilt is, a little searching uncovered some lovely mini  works of art and also what a wonderful way to try out a new technique or skill you might not want to attempt on a full scale quilt just quite yet. So with my partner issued, let the stalking and planning begin… :) Yay!  I pulled together a few current fav’s as an inspiration springboard for my secret partner should they need it…

1. Color Study: Log Cabin 2 ~ 2007, 2. humble no. 3, 3. Quilting Project List, 4. quilt show, 5. Rural Roads – Textile Artwork, 6. quilting in progress, 7. a sea of stitches, 8. bluesewn-02, 9. Sashiko workshop – Pic 72, 10. Gee’s Bend Book, 11. Pojagi Panel #3, 12. ‘orange/gray subdivision’, 13. SewConnected2 block for sasikirana, 14. Translucent pojagi shadow, 15. Color Story No. 3, 16. pojagi


I was inspired to join this little challenge too & purchased my trimmings pack …

now what to make….?

& if you’re a fan of those cute little mini quilts, other wise known as ‘mug rugs’ or ‘snack mats’ then don’t forget to keep an eye on Erin’s blog from Monday when her Mug Rug Madness kicks off! There’s a flickr group too of course & there’ll be 10 days of free tutorials, tips, hints, techniques & giveaways!

I’ve dabbled a little in mug rugs & will have another to share during Mug Rug Madness  along with a tute…

1. mug rug, 2. tufted tweets + hexies + mug rug = :), 3. seagulls, 4. a swedish mug rug, 5. snippets, 6. strips, 7. another bunting mug rug … :), 8. mug rug bug, 9. mug rug madness

warming up, i just made another with the  trimmings from my magical lands quilt

I had a bit of an incident with the iron and had to quickly reach for the ‘exit’ and give it a wash, hence the crinkled, pre~loved appearance!

Okey dokes, enough with the mosaics!  there’s  tea to be drunk & stitches to be sewn. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


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Jennie March 20, 2011 at 10:22 am

Hi, I am so inspired by the umbrella prints trimming competition, but I don’t have time to join in right now. I was wondering roughly what is the size of the fabric pieces in the trimmings collection? I think I am going to try it out as a challenge by myself over the summer and don’t want to be cheating! :) Thank you


Angelina March 20, 2011 at 10:34 am

Those are some good looking single girls right there! (That sounds so wrong so of course I had to say it!) I’ve been thinking about what fabrics I might want to use for a single girl quilt and I just can’t decide. I’ve considered using a patterned fabric as the background and some coordinating mostly neutral solids as the rings. Maybe that would be too busy or something. I should try making a cushion that way and see if I like the looks of it. I managed to cross 4 things off of my to-do list this week, so I feel like I can start planning 1 or 2 new projects.

I love the rounded corners on your new mug rug! I also had a look at the website where you got the ‘trimmings’ and I had to leave pretty immediately. So many pretty things!

Sorry, didn’t mean to write a novella there! I hope you’re doing well, miss! <3


Jo March 20, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Thanks for the link to Umbrella Prints – I love discovering printers that use organic fabrics.

The single girls look absolutely amazing! I so want to do a full sized one for our bed now. I’m pleased with the progress (yup, hand quilting) on my baby one for now though – and I’m making the practice block I made into a doll quilt for the toddler to go with the baby doll I’ve made him (my boy is so very manly. Plus I’m thinking it might help when new baby appears).

So excited about mug rugs – I have been resisting making them, but I can see them being the perfect project for after baby arrival (i.e. when I have about 12 seconds of free time each day), so Mug Rug Madness is perfectly timed!


Leanne March 21, 2011 at 4:59 am

I am so amazed by these mosaics. I am going to take some time tonight to look at all of these carefully. Thanks for all the inspiration!


Sarah March 21, 2011 at 7:38 pm

Hey Nova, Love the mosaics! I only just worked out how to do one today. :-)
Love love love your new little mug rugs with the rounded corners and everything. Sigh! I’m so excited about the swap. I love all the inspiration mosaics and can think of nothing else. Te he!


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