helpful little labels

by Nova on July 10, 2010

Do you have a system when you lay out a quilt, shuffling blocks before deciding on the final cut? Maybe once you have the perfect lay out you have to move your blocks from the design wall, bed, floor or wherever your  design area of choice is at the time. Frustrating? Yep! I’ve resorted to post it notes in the past to label blocks, or little scraps of paper with numbers scribbled on and pinned to the various blocks to try and retain the order as they are piled up for piecing at a later date. Sometimes they just get piled up as I would be all blasé with myself thinking that of course the pile wouldn’t get disrupted and all would be fine when I eventually came to sewing the blocks in my preferred order only to discover that it’s not and I don’t remember & so it begins again…..sound familiar…?

Let me introduce my quilt block tags to you…..

These helpful little re-usable labels  are just  fab, bringing order to quilt blocks waiting in line to be stitched into a top :) Once I have perfected my layout design, I pin on a label, always at the top left of the block for orientation so when I finally get to lay them out to sew together I’m not wondering which way up they were. Yay.

I am sure this is not an original idea and you can probably buy these somewhere? Anyhoo, I have saved some sheets of block labels just for you, ready to print, laminate, cut out and using a hole punch make a hole in a corner, attach a pin, find a cute tin to store them in so they are safe for the next quilt and you’re ready to rock! love that!  I made enough for a quilt that is 12 blocks x 12 blocks –  which should be plenty for most projects.  I hope you find these useful too – do drop me a line to let me know :)


Happy block labeling :)


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